Monday, September 22, 2014

First Day of Fall

The countdown for fall started last week according to the picture, but I love this picture of Fall in Branson!! Trees have not changed just yet, but will.  The weather is AMAZING this week in the upper 70's and low 80's, which makes for a PERFECT time to come to Branson.

At Green Gables, we had a WONDERFUL summer with being fully booked every weekend!!  We have THE BEST GUESTS in town!  We also were able to show off our new breakfast room with the addition of Biscuits & Gravy and freshening things up around the Inn.  Thank you again for an AWESOME summer and now we are looking forward to a busy Fall in Branson!  Make sure to call ahead for reservations, as we had several guests this summer who showed up without making reservations, and we were full.  Call ahead!

There are many GREAT shows and lots of shopping to do!  Don't forget we also sell tickets at the front desk, where we can save you some money.  So call ahead to schedule your next getaway!!  See you soon...  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 - Changes around the Green Gables

We are excited to start the 2014 Season with a few changes around the Green Gables Inn!!  Due to a busted pipe in January, we decided to take advantage of the situation and expand our Breakfast room by doubling it in size.  This also allowed us to add some items to our breakfast menu to give our guest a hot breakfast.  We have added biscuits & gravy, and also cereal with milk (2 cold & 1 hot).  We also had a management change at the end of the 2013 season, but same owners since 1993.  In our family owned and operated business, our goal has been to provide a good, quality, CLEAN room at an affordable price. Customer Service is VERY important to us!  We also have a GREAT location!  At Green Gables Inn, we have the BEST return guests!!  Whether you are coming to Branson for business or to make memories with your family, give us a call and come stay with us.  See you soon....